Valuation is a process whereby the value of a company is determined by applying rigorous and widely recognized valuation methods. As part of a valuation, a company is analyzed and its economic potential and profitability are studied on the basis of the country’s economy, the company’s competitive position and future capacity to generate cash flow. CNI applies generally accepted valuation methods (discounted cash flow, multiples, and adjusted equity) adapted to each situation and to each client’s profile, taking into account the country’s macroeconomic situation.

CNI has broad experience in designing financial business models which allow the proper financial diagnosis of a company’s situation and help to identify value generators and value destroyers. Such models can also be used to evaluate new market opportunities or the profitability and feasibility of new business lines.

Our Financial Valuation and Diagnosis services comprise:

  • Advisory in valuation of ongoing businesses.
  • Asset value estimates.
  • Economic-financial feasibility studies and business plans.
  • Business performance assessment of directors and management team.
  • Evaluation of the leverage and capital procurement capacity.
  • Identification of Key Drivers that create value in companies in order to maximize value for shareholders.
  • Fairness opinion reports on the value of company shares.
  • Financial design and diagnosis of projects and ongoing businesses.