CNI, with its proven track record, offers an integrated customized advisory service for company restructuring and resource procurement by facilitating access to bank and/or capital market financing for companies under the best prevailing market conditions.

This service is intended for companies with high growth and profitability potential endeavoring to invest by increasing their debt and/or procuring private capital through investors or strategic partnerships.

CNI’s experience allows us to offer consultancy services throughout the entire fund procurement process, both to select the strategy best suited to the company’s capital needs, negotiate the conditions, and close the financing deal.

Our fund procurement services include advisory on:

  • The process of finding strategic partners.
  • Designing competitive financing structures.
  • Drawing up the prospectus for issuing and placing bonds and commercial paper.
  • Procuring acquisition debt financing with financial entities.
  • Procuring asset-based financing.
  • Financing business expansion or start-up projects.