Internationalization is understood to mean a process whereby a domestic company can have a business or industrial branch in a different country and do business outside what is considered its “current geographical area”. Internationalization makes it possible to diversify risks by placing products and services in one or more foreign markets, grow sales, and take advantage of economic benefits (greater profitability, lower salaries, cheaper raw materials) and/or tax benefits stemming from the expansion of the company into new geographical markets.

CNI’s experience allows it to offer advisory services to companies in the process of internationalization, beginning with a market study to identify entry barriers (both economic and legal) and the inherent risks to operations (both commercial and industrial) in the client’s target market, performing the economic and financial analysis of the operating plan in the target market, and identifying possible acquisitions or associations to facilitate entry to the target market.

Our Internationalization Process Services include:

  • Analysis of the economic and financial feasibility of building and operating productive facilities in a different country.
  • Drawing up a financial model for the business.
  • Advisory on business acquisitions abroad.
  • Advisory on establishing a Strategic Partnership with a foreign company.
  • Procurement of funds for acquisitions or working capital financing.
  • Study of target market; analysis of the country’s and the industrial sector’s situation and assessment of economic and legal risks.