The process of buying and selling companies is resource intensive, time consuming, exhausting and requires dedicated attention, time, confidentiality, and the necessary expertise to ensure negotiation success.

Throughout more than its 25-year existence, CNI has advised companies in various industrial sectors regarding different business buy-and-sell operations, having closed transactions for an estimated value of over US$ 500 Million.

When selling a company or Business Unit, using the services of an advisor allows the seller to focus his attention and effort on the Company’s management and proper performance, avoiding any impairment in its value.

CNI, with its recognized track record, offers a customized advisory service to seek and select candidates using its network and database and making preliminary contact, valuing the business, presenting the necessary information and documentation, and providing assistance throughout the entire negotiation process.

When buying a company, whether to add value to an existing business or enter a new market, using the services of an advisor allows the buyer to identify potential risks related to the operation and determine the value and proper structure for successful negotiation completion.

CNI’s experience allows us to offer a comprehensive service that can go from a preliminary market analysis where the acquisition is to occur, identification of target companies according to client’s objectives, managing negotiations with the selling party, assistance in the due diligence process, and securing financing for the acquisition.

Our Company Buy- and-Sell Advisory Services include:

  • Advisory on Buying and selling companies, business lines and/or assets.
  • Advisory on Leveraged Buyouts (LBO).
  • Advisory on Management Buyouts (MBO)
  • Advisory on structuring and negotiation of strategic alliances.
  • Resolution of conflicts of interest among shareholders.