Financial Valuation and Diagnosis

CNI applies generally accepted valuation methods (discounted cash flow, multiples, and adjusted equity) adapted to each situation and to each client’s profile, taking into account the country’s macroeconomic situation.

Consulting services for Mergers and Acquisitions

Throughout more than its 25-year existence, CNI has advised companies in various industrial sectors regarding different business buy-and-sell operations, having closed transactions for an estimated value of over US$ 500 Million.

Fund Procurement

CNI, with its proven track record, offers an integrated customized advisory service for company restructuring and resource procurement by facilitating access to bank and/or capital market financing for companies under the best prevailing market conditions.

Debt Restructuring

CNI has a highly qualified team of professionals to guide companies through restructuring processes, helping to identify value generators that would allow companies to meet their financial commitments, and support clients throughout negotiations with their creditors.

Consulting services on Internationalization Processes

CNI’s experience allows it to offer advisory services to companies in the process of internationalization, beginning with a market study to identify entry barriers and the inherent risks to operations in the client’s target market.